The Electoral College silences the voices of all kinds of people in presidential elections -- but it hits minority voters especially hard.

That is not a coincidence.

The Electoral College is a relic of slavery, designed to balance the power between slave-owning and non-slave owning states, at a time when African-Americans were considered 3/5s of a person and women didn’t vote at all. And yet despite the many overdue advancements to our country over the years, we have retained the relic that is the Electoral College, which to this day disempowers minorities.

That’s one major reason why we say the Electoral College is undermining the legitimacy of our democracy. It’s also a major reason why LegitAction is now officially advocating to replace the Electoral College as it functions today with a national popular vote instead.

If you want the Electoral College to stop suppressing the voices of millions of voters, especially minorities, sign LegitAction’s petition in support of the national popular vote today.

Many of us were outraged by what happened in last year’s election. Two of our last three presidents have now taken the White House in defiance of the American voters.

That is not legitimate democracy!

It is on us to take our anger and frustration and turn it into change. One of the absolutely necessary changes is to eradicate the Electoral College, and we can do it on a state-by-state basis without a constitutional amendment.

LegitAction is already helping build this movement in Connecticut, and we’re planning to expand to every state we can. Now we’re organizing supporters behind this effort nationwide.

Sign our petition today to show you support a national popular vote that will help restore legitimacy to our presidential elections.

Right now, our country is in a legitimacy crisis. We are being governed by someone we, the voters, did not choose. The voices of certain minority groups are being especially targeted. Ending the Electoral College is one key step we can take to restore our democratic legitimacy.

Thank you for standing up for legitimacy today,

Russ Feingold