The Electoral College silences the voices of all kinds of people in presidential elections -- but it hits minority voters especially hard.

That is not a coincidence.

The Electoral College is a relic of slavery, designed to balance the power between slave-owning and non-slave owning states, at a time when African-Americans were considered 3/5s of a person and women didn’t vote at all. And yet despite the many overdue advancements to our country over the years, we have retained the relic that is the Electoral College, which to this day disempowers minorities.

That’s one major reason why we say the Electoral College is undermining the legitimacy of our democracy. It’s also a major reason why LegitAction is now officially advocating to replace the Electoral College as it functions today with a national popular vote instead.

If you want the Electoral College to stop suppressing the voices of millions of voters, especially minorities, sign LegitAction’s petition in support of the national popular vote today.

Many of us were outraged by what happened in last year’s election. Two of our last three presidents have now taken the White House in defiance of the American voters.

That is not legitimate democracy!

It is on us to take our anger and frustration and turn it into change. One of the absolutely necessary changes is to eradicate the Electoral College, and we can do it on a state-by-state basis without a constitutional amendment.

LegitAction is already helping build this movement in Connecticut, and we’re planning to expand to every state we can. Now we’re organizing supporters behind this effort nationwide.

Sign our petition today to show you support a national popular vote that will help restore legitimacy to our presidential elections.

Right now, our country is in a legitimacy crisis. We are being governed by someone we, the voters, did not choose. The voices of certain minority groups are being especially targeted. Ending the Electoral College is one key step we can take to restore our democratic legitimacy.

Thank you for standing up for legitimacy today,

Russ Feingold


ACTION :  Call his office in Springfield and ask for a town hall meeting asap.  Dpeak to Elizbeth Quigley at 413-785-0325

The congressman is in the district until April 23rd for recess. We are asking as many people as possible to call the Springfield office at (413) 785-0325 Thursday and Friday of this week or any day next week to urge the congressman and his staff to schedule a town hall. You can ask for his scheduler, Elizabeth Quigley, and relay this message or leave voice mail if necessary. Tell your friends. 

We're excited to announce our friends at Upper Hudson Planned Parenthood, New York State Nurses Association and the Healthcare Education Project are partnering with NY19Votes bringing volunteers and helping as site leaders on the 7th!

We've added/updated the following sites:

Hudson: Hudson Area Library Community Room, 51 N 5th St, Hudson, NY 12534

Liberty: 37 Delaware Ave., Liberty 12754

Middleburgh: Middleburgh Library, 323 Main St., Middleburgh, NY 12122

Greene County: Location(s) TBD- currently locking down a site in Catskill and possibly a site in Windham/Western part of county.

If you don't see a canvass site near you and you'd like to lead a canvass please let us know.  We will be releasing another Electronic Action Kit soon that you can download and canvass your hometown with.

Spring Canvass Webinar/CC: We'll be holding another Canvassing 101 with updates for our Spring Canvass from 7.30pm-9pm on Wednesday, May 3rd. Signup here for details.

Sign up on Action Network here for our Spring Canvass  (or to see our full site listing ) and RSVP on Facebook here, then invite your friends!


the NY19Votes Team

Sample script to Scott Pruitt Secy EPA - feel free to “borrow”  Send to -  Pruitt.Scott@EPA.gov

Sec’y Pruitt:
Climate change is the most important issue facing people on this planet.  It is a security concern, a health concern and
a quality of life concern.  

As a citizen, I am opposed to this administration’s policy of dismantling all the protections that were put in place to protect  our health and safety. 

I urge you to reconsider the closure of Climate offices, We should not be in awar on science. The EPA budget cut of 31%  is unprecedented; your memo to the department  to censor climate change and other science references  rolls back decades of progress. 

The President’s grandiose gesture to sign an executive order just last week that will permit Monsanto’s pesicides to be marketed and sold for profit  ignored the EPA’s own scientists statement that it was a toxic and controversial pesticide. The defunding of Noah and Scientific Researchers is taking us in the wrong direction.  

Science is based on fact.  Our activity has contributed to Climate change.  We need to act before the % of carbon in the atmosphere reaches a point of no return. 

I am outraged at your public statements and actions and protest in the strongest possible terms. 

APRIL 7, 2017
- Stop the EPA from closing down offices
ACTION - Please sign this petition and pass it on to as many as you can
Call Scott Pruit - Secy of EPA  and  voice your concern - 202-564-4700,  DO THIS DAILY Business days
EMAIL - Pruitt.Scott@EPA.gov-  SEND EMAILS!!!!!
Call the White House    202-456-1111  9am -4pm  M-f
and go to the website to leave a comment -  www.Whitehouse.gov/contact
Call Congress            202-224-3121

Donald Trump’s budget director Mick Mulvaney recently declared climate change science research “a waste of your money.” Moments ago, the Environmental Protection Agency acted on that radical vision.
Bloomberg is reporting that climate denier Scott Pruitt's EPA is eliminating its programs designed to help states cope with the catastrophic efforts of climate change. After issuing an executive order to dismantle President Obama’s climate action legacy, Donald Trump is now going after climate preparedness, leaving the most vulnerable areas without critical funds.
Speaking out is critical to resisting Trump’s anti-science agenda. Will you add your name to the thousands of scientists and pro-science advocates who are speaking out to protect the EPA’s climate actions?
Add Your Name >>

Today’s news is the latest front in Trump’s war on science. From pushing an unprecedented 31% cut to the EPA’s budget to censoring science from an agency office’s mission statement, Trump and Pruitt are rolling back decades of progress. And just last week, Trump’s appointees ignored the EPA’s scientists to rubber stamp a controversial pesticide.
Christine Todd Whitman, the first EPA administrator under President George W. Bush, called this agenda to undermine the EPA “a threat to the health and well-being of all Americans.” 
We can't let climate deniers decide our climate future. Tell the EPA that you stand for science-backed climate policy. Please add your name right now.
Thanks for taking a stand for science,
Team 314 Action

MINUTES   4/3/17. BERKSHIRE WOMEN’S ACTION GROUP. 2018 Elections Committee

This committee began as one dedicated to:
1.    Helping sister districts to support candidates friendly to causes in which we believe
2.    Voter registration
3.    Affecting local and state elections

In essence our goal is to participate, to support candidates, the vote and the right to vote.  This goes from our neighborhoods, to our state, to our nation.

●     Local action:  includes finding and supporting town candidates; participation at the local level

●     State level:  participation in state caucus in June; becoming familiar with issues and likely candidates statewide (in MA state legislature and upcoming senate and gubernatorial races (attending open houses and seminars, use of Politico MA)

●     Elections:  support candidates in “special elections” (Jon Ossoff) and in “sister districts” working with organizations like Code Blue, Swing Left, Flippable and Knock on Every Door

●     Voter rights:  participation in voter registration (in MA, 15% are not registered), voter education, support of automatic voting and of laws that do not suppress the vote (use of Pew Center supported ERIC Electronic Registration Information Center vs. Interstate Voter Registration Crosscheck) (focus of Lift the Vote to make Massachusetts the “gold standard” of voting)


Overall, the committee is eager to work on projects AS A GROUP and to work with existing groups.  Members are reporting back on below mentioned from which we will select partners.

Potential partner groups include:

●     Flippable, Swing Left:  JOIN to support candidates (enter zip code to find district). One can do remote research; participate through events calendar page

●     Knock on Every Door: Our team researchedandparticipated in online training in canvassing.  Organization provided basics in organization and questionnaires.  Did NOT provide specific market for canvassing

●     LIft Every Voice:  Provides training for remote phone banking; lobbying for enactment of voter supportive legislation; seeking site where phone bankers can meet regularly together to phone bank

●     CODE BLUE:  National organization seeking virtual phone bankers for special elections utilizing lists compiled by the Democratic Party. (Provides script and support)

●     NY19 Indivisible:  IndivisibleNY19.com. 

How BWAG can support us:

1.    Let us know which actions you would like to join in on/inform us of those we may not be aware of
2.    Let us know which organizations and groups you HAVE worked with and your experience.
3.    Let us know how you would like to be informed of opportunities (Facebook?  Website?  (Concern with email and information overload)
4.    Sign up to join us in group actions

Knockeverydoor.org is an organization formed by former Bernie Sanders staffers whose goal is to “build a massive, grassroots  volunteer-led movement" to take our democracy back. Their first step is to canvas door to door to start conversations with voters and non-voters alike. The goal of these conversations is to listen and learn why Democrats lost, develop winning strategies based on what is learned, and organize communities.  Hopefully these conversations will also open communication and eventually win over these voters..There are three actions that can be taken..
1. sign up to canvas  
2. volunteer for a variety of different tasks
All actions can easily be accomplished on the knockeverydoor.org website.

1. Go to electjon.com  and sign up to support his (Jon Ossoff's) candidacy for the Special election in Georgia in April to replace Tom Price. All candidates in any party run against the others. The top two who get the most votes will face a runoff to determine the winner. Jon Ossoff has been endorsed by John Lewis and others. 
2.  Additional Congressional Districts to work on with other groups
NY 19 John Faso Congressman  
NH 2  Ann Kuster  - kusterforcongress.com    

Jason Chaffetz  Chairman House Oversight and Gov’t Reform Committee / 2236 Rayburn House Office Bldg/ Washington, DC 20515 (phone # 202-225-7751)

Dear Congressman Chaffetz:

I write to urge your committee to thoroughly investigate this administration’s ties to Russia. 

Although AG Sessions has now recused himself, It is clear that he, Former NSA Chief, Michael Flynn, Special Advisor, Jared Kushner, and others from the Trump team had direct contact with the Ambassador from Russia, Both Flynn Sessions LIED under
oath. Please do not spend any more tax dollars investigating Hillary Clinton’s emails or Sid the Science Guy.   Please Do Your Job. 

Jason Chaffetz - as above - 
Your committee must investigate The President’s  conflicts of interests pursuant to the emoluments section of the Constitution. While the President said he turned over his control of The Trump Organization to his sons and another individual -this is not aChinese Wall.  Only by releasing his tax returns can it be determined whether he benefits personally and will continue to do so from investments and payments from foreign entities. 

Against the Supreme Court Nomination of Neal Gorsuch
Importance of EPA -   write to:
Ivanka Trump at her home address 2449 Tracy Place NW  Kalorama, Washington DC 20008 

Honorable Paul Ryan
Speaker of the House of Representatives / 700 St Lawrence Avenue / Janesville, Wi 53545           

No to Defunding Planned Parenthood
No to Repeal of ACA
No to privatizing Medicare