We work at the grass roots level to positively impact our educational, health, environmental, and political systems to ensure the benefits of American democracy for all.


  • Supporting progressive leaders at the local and national levels in 2018 and beyond
  • Collaborating with immigration, health, educational, and environmental organizations to close gaps in access to information and services crucial to our diverse and intersecting communities
  • Supporting and strengthening advocacy and resistance movements that promote equality and justice
  • Boycotting businesses that undermine our goals and supporting those that foster our vision
  • Creating opportunities for dialogue, learning, and cooperation to unite and strengthen our power


We are committed to the fundamental value of all individuals and to the eradication of racism, sexism, economic inequality, environmental destruction, and injustice. 


The principal responsibility of each committee is to take action in the area that defines the provenance of the committee: Education, Environment, Immigration, Political Action and Elections.  As a team, this work involves:

Monthly meetings to share ideas in their respective area that are within the Group’s mission and priorities,

Report on the suggested actions items to the Group for discussion and agreement to proceed; leading to the

Implementation of these actions.

Work at the committee level is where we WILL make a difference. As you read through each committee’s description, please select the committee that interests you.

ENVIRONMENT COMMITTEE Members share a deep concern for the health of the planet. They participate in local efforts, aware that these are related to national and worldwide environmental issues. 
Our committee’s mission:
To focus on local and state elections
To support voter registration
To challenge gerrymandering
To challenge voter suppression
To support candidates in other districts by working with local and national organizations to elect progressive candidates.


The Berkshire Women’s Action Group was founded in January 2017 by two local women who were motivated by the unexpected election results of 2016. They, like many of those who joined them, had never been actively involved in politics. There are now more than a hundred of us who follow the activities of the group on Facebook and on the website. In addition, we have working committees very involved in moving the goal of our organization forward, which is to have a positive impact on our political system so as to ensure the benefits of American democracy for all. To date we have

• donated more than $1000 to local organizations and progressive candidates

• written hundreds of postcards urging selected legislators to support causes that align with our political philosophy

• collaborated with local groups involved with political and social issues that we support

• supported the successful election of a local selectman

• motivated citizens to participate in local committees

• taken part in political canvassing activities in support of voter participation

• researched and shared information on issues impacting voter rights and participation

• joined and worked with local groups who share our interests

The above-mentioned activities are ongoing. We are proud to continue providing information and an avenue for action to individuals outraged but disconnected from political action.


Lobby a member of Congress or State Legislature

Be specific - brief -  and in your own words

Identify your subject (give the name and bill number) 

Ask the legislator to state his/her position

Call or write a letter or email on your own letterhead -  The number of emails and faxes is tallied!

It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognize, accept, and celebrate those differences
— Audre Lourde