Our action committees will be providing updated
information on work underway. Committees include:

The principal responsibility of each committee is to take action in the area that defines the provenance of the committee: Education, Environment, Immigration, Political Action and Elections.  As a team, this work involves:

  • Monthly meetings to share ideas in their respective area that are within the Group’s mission and priorities,
  • Report on the suggested actions items to the Group for discussion and agreement to proceed; leading to the
  • Implementation of these actions.

Work at the committee level is where we WILL make a difference. As you read through each committee’s description, please select the committee that interests you.

ENVIRONMENT COMMITTEE Members share a deep concern for the health of the planet. They participate in local efforts, aware that these are related to national and worldwide environmental issues. 
Our committee’s mission:
To focus on local and state elections
To support voter registration
To challenge gerrymandering
To challenge voter suppression
To support candidates in other districts by working with local and national organizations to elect progressive candidates.